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How I ended up working for some of the biggest film and television agents in London.

This is the second part of a blog entry, where I'll reveal how I ended up working for the agents who rep some of the most acclaimed talent in the country including: actors Daniel Craig, Thandie Newton, directors Matthew Vaughan and Danny Boyle, and my most favourite cinematographer of all, Roger Deakins. If you haven't read the first part: "How I got Miramax Studios to consider my screenplay as a newbie, unagented screenwriter" you can read that here. So where were we? My script had been turned down by the VP of Development at Miramax Studios, but remarkably, after I had thanked him for his notes which I then incorporated into a second draft, he agreed to read my screenplay again. I've sinc

You want free books? Well how's over 100 of them?! It's a sci-fi & fantasy book giveawa

People, I'm excited just to tell you this, but along with some 100 other authors, I've joined up to the awesome Patty Jansen's gigantic sci-fi and fantasy giveaway. For two days, you can download any of the books listed in the promo including of course, my own debut YA sci-fi thriller, Wanted, FOR FREE. Let me reiterate that. FOR FREE. As in zero. Ziltch. Nada. Books are available in numerous ebook stores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. All you need to do is click on the picture below to be taken directly to the promo, select the ebook store you'd like then click on the individual book title to download straight to your reading device of choice. We've sci-fi books! Dyst