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Writing as 'Joanne Ho'

Heartwarming Suspenseful Romance

Perfect for fans of Nora Roberts, Roxanne St. Claire, and dog lovers everywhere!


When an ex-marine and his highly trained dog are hired to protect the daughter of a Hollywood power couple, love was the furthest thing from their minds. But when it becomes clear that she is in danger, how far will he go to save her?

Kane Turner is a simple man who cares nothing for riches. Scarred both physically and mentally from his tours as a marine, all Kane cares about is his bike, beer, and dog Bud – and not necessarily in that order. He lives in a trailer on the beach, working security detail for his friend’s company, protecting some of the wealthiest (and most superficial) people in the world with loyal Bud at his side. 

Ask anyone and they’d tell you that Lexi Gray-Rockefeller has it all. The daughter of Hollywood royalty, she’s rich, one of the most stunning women in the world with parents who dote on her. Yet Lexi is lonely. All she wants is to work with animals. She doesn’t care for the LA lifestyle having struggled to make any lasting relationships: people are generally too in awe of her family or befriend her only for what they can get. 

Following a series of threats, Kane is hired to protect Lexi, yet despite their world of differences the two find themselves falling in love. In Kane (and his dog Bud), Lexi has found an authentic soul who doesn’t care who her parents are or how wealthy she is, while Lexi is the one person who can seemingly heal Kane’s wounds.
When Lexi is kidnapped, Kane only has a short time to save her. Can he find her before time runs out?


Heat level: a hint of steam - nothing graphic.
This book also covers billionaire and military themes.

This is a standalone book with no cliffhangers though you'll get the best experience by reading the series in order!


When she washes up with no memory of who she is, the last thing she imagined was that she'd end up living with her rescuer - a famous movie star - and his adorable puppy.  But someone out there knows her real identity and the more she remembers of her past, the more her new life, and love, are in danger...


When no one comes forward to claim her, the now named Jane Smith finds herself living in a dream house with Logan Steel, the elusive movie star who saved her - but it isn't the fairy tale the world thinks it is.


After his last few movies bombed due to his wildly reported bad behavior and messy love life, Logan is having a hell of a time trying to stay at the top.  His handlers give him an ultimatum: no more scandal and absolutely no more women.  So, the last thing he needs is another one to muddy the waters, but Jane reminds him of the one person in his life he has loved, and if he doesn’t help her, no one else will.


Against his team’s wishes, Logan takes Jane into his home, but from there, things only get messier.  In a bid to make him more likable to the public again, his publicist has given him a puppy for all those candid photoshoots she’ll be setting up, but Logan can barely cope with the dog - how on earth is he supposed to look after Jane too, without getting too close?


When an unfortunate incident threatens Logan’s very livelihood, the only way to fix the damage is by contracting Jane as his new girlfriend.  In the whirlwind of staged dates and events that follow, despite Jane not knowing who she is, she starts falling for him.  But can Logan really love an ordinary woman? And who is the sinister man who haunts her dreams?


Just when it seems they might survive their differences, Jane's past comes crashing into their lives, threatening to kill their happily ever after.




Heat level: a hint of steam - nothing graphic.

This book also covers billionaire and rags-to-riches themes and contains a few scenes with violence, though nothing gratuitous.

This is a standalone book with no cliffhangers, though you'll get the best experience by reading the series in order!


After an earthquake destroys half of her home, private and agoraphobic Eden, a screenwriter who lives with three cats, is forced to employ the services of LA's most sought after builder, but he comes with a nosy team of family members - and an equally nosy dog - and they're determined to fix not only her house, but her broken heart.  Just when she starts to trust again, one mistake threatens to destroy their lives. 


Eden never leaves the beautiful home she has created for herself in Montecito, CA.  Disciplined and intensely private, Eden's only company are the three adorable cats she calls her fur-children, and the best friend who she has daily phone calls with, but she considers her life full due to her work as a screenwriter.  Over half of Netflix's Original romance movies have been written by her.  The pay is great, and more importantly, she can work from home, something that's essential due to the agoraphobia that leaves her housebound.  Having escaped from a mysterious past that she has never discussed with anyone, Eden holds the world at bay so that she can keep her life intact.


Matt is the builder to the stars.  Having taken over the business from his father who says he has retired - though no one can stop the man from turning up at every job - Matt works with his large and boisterous family.  He has four siblings: two brothers who work on-site with him, and two sisters who manage everything from the admin to their accounts and the landscaping, while his mom provides the team with their daily lunches.  Then there's his beloved gentle-giant rescue dog, Bear, who seems to be a cross between a Malamute and a St. Bernard, though no one really knows what he is.  Known for their high-quality craftsmanship and smalltown family values, Matt loves his job... if only his personal life was as successful.  After his last relationship ended when his actress fiance left him for a famous director, Matt isn't on the lookout for love, but when he meets Eden, he can't stop thinking about her.  It doesn't help that his family seem determined to break down the walls she has built around herself.


Eden and her cats aren't happy by the intrusion into their lives, while Bear - who has no idea how big he is - finds himself at the mercy of the (much smaller) cats.  Despite how they seem to be polar opposites, Matt and Eden find themselves falling for each other.  Believing he can help her out of her prison, Matt digs into the mystery of her past only for his actions to put not only their love, but their very lives, at risk.  


Can Eden brave the world again to save the life they have built together?


Heat level: a hint of steam - nothing graphic.
This book also covers billionaire themes and deals with anxiety and agoraphobia issues.

This is a standalone book with no cliffhangers though you'll get the best experience by reading the series in order!

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