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Previz, concepts and cgi sets for Spirit Warriors

Previsualization (also known as pre-rendering, preview or wireframe windows) is a function to visualise complex scenes in a movie before filming. Previz is applied to techniques such as storyboarding, either in the form of charcoal drawn sketches or in digital technology in the planning and conceptualization of movie scenery make up. For those of you guys who have been following my blog so far, I've just talked about my TV series getting greenlit, the next step for us was pre pre production which is a stage that I find tremendously interesting and by extension, some of you might too. Following the press release, teams were quickly assembled, predominately in the art and cgi department. We

How to get a fantasy TV series greenlit (my story)

WHATSSUP?? It's been a fun week of social shenannigans, tweeting, blogging and podcasting for me. OK, I came to the cyber party late but least I'm here now. With balloons. Since my "Big Break" blog is getting decent traffic, I figured I should now write about how I actually got a series made and the harsh reality of life as a "neophyte" writer if you don't have a trust fund (not hating on trustafarians, just envious). So kick off your shoes, take a load off and Iet me spin you a yarn about a young(ish) girl who dreamed of having her own genre show. It was December 2006. I'd been working at a TV company full-time for the last two years and I was utterly miserable. I'd spent every penny I

UK Scriptwriters features me for this month's Podcast

Well I'm pretty proud. It's been a week of firsts for me: I set up my website, yesterday my blog went live, and today I recorded my first podcast. In a lively chat conducted by fellow screenwriter, Danny Stack over at we talked about my start in the business, how I went from novice writer to creating Spirit Warriors (my CBBC fantasy TV series), to what mischief I'm up to now. In addition to the monthly podcasts, Danny also runs a blog on scriptwriting in the UK. It's a great resource so any new writers should go check it out immediately!

How I got my first writing gig, became an "overnight success" only to crash back down to e

I came into the industry cold, with no contacts or experience, hadn't even studied it at university. I was in my early 20s, broke, stuck with a student loan and useless degree before I knew I wanted to work in showbiz. Against the wishes of my entire family (including all those far flung ones in Hong Kong), I committed myself to learning about this business of show. Fast forward two years and I'd been working in film production for a while now, on independent, low budget movies, doing whatever roles I could get my hands on (for how I got my first industry job, see previous blog entry). I wasn't sure what I wanted to be at this time but I figured it would come to me if I just kept gaining

I've given into the Blogside!

Firstly, a big warm welcome to you. Thanks for stopping by! I've been meaning to start a blog but work and stuff kept getting in the way plus you know, it's finally sunny out. Anyways, I'm here. I'll be using this space to talk movies, television, screenwriting, reviews, cats, girl power, anything that's on my mind really. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or tweet me @missjoho and I'll answer when I get the chance. Let's kick off this getting to know each other with... 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me: I learned how to write by studying my two favourite TV shows, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The West Wing, and continue to watch each boxset once a year. Gained my fir