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Spirit Warriors is a BBC children's adventure series created by Jo Ho, broadcast on BBC Two, BBC HD and CBBC. Action-packed Martial Arts Fantasy

Inspired by ancient Chinese myths and legends the show follows Bo, (Jessica Henwick), her sister Jen, (Alicia Lai), and fellow school kids Vicky, (Lil' Simz), Trix, (Gilles Geary), and Martin, (Karl Rogers), who, during a trip to a museum, are transported to a parallel Spirit World.

Once there, they find themselves transformed into Spirit Warriors, each with their own special spirit power. With the help of their mentor Shen, a Chinese dragon, they have to use their new-found skills to navigate the realms of Wood, Water, Earth and Fire and find 12 legendary spirit pieces before the evil warlord Li (Benedict Wong) and his henchman Hwang (Tom Wu) can get their hands on them. If our heroes succeed they'll save the universe – and Bo's mum. If our heroes fail, the universe is doomed!


Creator and writer Jo Ho was nominated for 'Best Breakthrough Talent' at the Cultural Diversity Network Awards 2010.  Ho also won the Women in Film and Television's "NEW TALENT" Award'.  In November 2010 it was announced that the show also received a nomination for "BEST CHILDREN'S PROGRAMME" at the 2011 Broadcast Awards.


From "Mail on Sunday":

"This impressive new drama series, aimed at the entire family, brings a mixture of martial arts and CGI technology to the small screen as five ordinary British children find themselves in an extraordinary world of magic and myth."


From the Chinese Community website "Dimsum"'s review of the first episode:

"Finally there are Chinese faces on TV - yes we do exist o world! I feel like holding a party to celebrate. Watching Spirit Warriors is like finally meeting a friend who's ten years late for a party - you're disappointed that they've taken so long but once here you can't help smiling. For truth be told a drama starring East Asian actors as the leads has been long overdue... the BBC have obviously pushed the boat out and got fully behind this series which is great to see."


From the "Daily Mail Weekend" review of the first episode:

"This first episode sets the scene in spectacular fashion, and if its stunning effects are an indicator of things to come, then it should prove an unmissable children's adventure."


From the "Observer" review of the first episode:

"...clever new fantasy drama for children which includes "Crouching Tiger"-style martial arts with CGI characters and live action"

Spirit Warriors UK TV Promo

Episode 1 - A Warrior is Born

Episode 2 Promo - The Spirit Thief

Episode 4 Promo - Your Worst Nightmare

Episode 5 Promo - The Snake Spirit

Episode 6 Promo - Fortune Favours the Brave

Episode 7 Promo - Young at Heart

Episode 8 Promo - The Cave of Ghosts

Episode 9 Promo - Wishes

Episode 10 Promo - The Blood of a Warrior

Backstage - A special making of documentary

After Bo's mother Fei-Yan is discovered mysteriously injured, Bo and her younger sister Jen are sent on a school trip to attend an exhibition of ancient Chinese warriors. There, along with other children visiting the museum, Trix, Vicky and Martin, they find themselves transported to a mysterious cave where they meet Shen, a Chinese water dragon.


Shen reveals that they are now in the Spirit World and have become the new Spirit Warriors with an important task to complete. They must collect the 12 magical spirit pieces from the spirit worlds of Wood, Water, Earth and Fire. However, the evil Li and his henchman Hwang are also hunting the pieces, and if Li finds them first, he'll control not only the Spirit World, but also the real world—and Fei-Yan will die.​

The warriors learn that the next spirit piece can be found in a town called Piaji—taken over by the cruel ruler Yama. On their journey the warriors are attacked by Hwang and the ruthless Nian warriors. Once in Piaji they find it deserted, apart from the presence of troubled game maker, Qi-Shi, and discover that Yama is in fact a Spirit Thief.


After Jen is taken by Yama, the rest of the warriors must not only battle the Spirit Thief but also Hwang, who is hot on their trail. Will Bo and the team work out how to defeat Yama, free the town of Piaji and find the second spirit piece?

Bo and the warriors move from the realm of wood to that of water in the hunt for the next spirit piece. They soon find it in a ramshackle shop. However Vicky's bad feelings about the piece are proved right when they realise this spirit piece is cursed with bad luck.


After a disastrous battle with Hwang and the Nian, the team discover that their only option is to travel to the Temple Of The Four Winds, where they can cleanse the piece of its curse. However, once at the temple they will each have to confront their own worst nightmares.

While chasing the next spirit piece the warriors are attacked by what appears to be a giant snake, and Bo is bitten. Worse still, Hwang and the Nian choose this moment to pounce, and the team are separated.


Luckily Trix and Martin manage to get Bo to the safety of the house of mother and daughter, Weici and Jiao. Jen and Vicky also escape, only to find themselves in a vast graveyard where they meet the mysterious Fung. In order to secure the next spirit piece they must uncover the identity of Fung and discover what, or who, is the snake spirit.

As the quest continues, the warriors visit fortune teller Master Wu who predicts that they will shortly encounter ghost dogs, their dreams will come true, and they will have to enter the Labyrinth Of Lost Spirits. Bo's doubts are soon proved wrong when the predictions come true.


While Jen and Vicky's dreams materialise before their eyes, Martin, Trix and Bo apparently enter the Labyrinth Of Lost Spirits. But all is not as it seems and they must work out where they really are in order to get the piece and find their lost friends.

Following the clue, "Find the truth where beauty lies", the warriors enter the earth realm and stumble across a strange cave, full of all their favourite foods, straight out of a fairytale.


However, the house's owner, the gorgeous Madame Ching, and her sweet man-servant Tai Fai have a terrible secret – and when Jen goes missing the Spirit Warriors need to find out what it is.

When the warriors save Ming from one of Hwang's traps they learn from her that all of the girl's fellow villagers have disappeared after being forced by Hwang to walk the Dark Path in the Cave of Ghosts.


In search of the next spirit piece, Ming leads the warriors to the cave where Trix and Vicky encounter ghostly visions and dark secrets from their own private pasts. Can they defy their demons and find the piece – and how long will it be before they meet The Forger?

The warriors head into Li's own realm of fire, and in a world of Fire there is no water, so not even Shen can help them. Quickly they discover their next spirit piece in a poor woman's rubbish. However before they leave they're persuaded by her to head to a nearby peach tree, which grants wishes. There each of the warriors eat a peach and agree to make a wish to find the final spirit piece.


However, not all of the warriors keep their word aka martin who desires to impress the others with his wish. Meanwhile Li—losing patience with Hwang—unleashes a dreadful phenomenon and pursues the warriors, determined to steal all of their spirit pieces, and in a world of Fire there is no water, so not even Shen can help them.

As the quest concludes, the warriors are helped by an unlikely ally in the form of Hwang. Feeling betrayed by his master Li, Hwang changes sides and presents the warriors with a secret document before sneaking them into Li's palace. There they finally do battle with Li.


But just when it looks like Li has defeated the warriors and claimed all the spirit pieces as his own, he leaves them to travel to the world of Gold so he can exact revenge upon a surprise former ally. Soon all the series' shocking secrets and hidden histories are finally revealed in an explosive and emotional finale.

A one off special featuring behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew including Jo herself!

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