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Update on the next Twisted books

Hi Folks, I'm shocked to see that it has been a while since I've blogged. All I can say is there has been some disturbance in the force from my end. Since the latter end of last year, I've been exhausted. The kind of exhaustion that makes even the smallest task such as cooking a simple meal, seem insurmountable. I put it down to stress, to being on US time when I'm in London (I've essentially been working a nightshift for coming up to five years now). Around seven years ago, out of the blue, I started getting Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (which is classified as a disability in the US, Canada, Japan, most of Europe and many other countries around the world, though sadly, not yet in the UK) which grew progressively worse. Essentially, I am now super allergic to most things with a smell, and in particular, the smell of anything made with alcohol which it turns out is A LOT. Most chemicals, cigarettes, pollution, car fumes, air freshener, perfume, aftershave, deodrant, hair spray, cleaners, detergent, wine, beer, even cough syrup... Just breathing in a single breath of someone else's passing cigarette smoke will cause me to have breathing problems and my lungs will burn for hours after. It also leaves me exhausted, sometimes for days. It's a hard condition to manage especially as there currently isn't any help for it in the UK, and it's one that keeps me housebound most of the time. On top of this, I was also contending with brain fog, lack of concentration and memory loss. I put it all down to the general stresses of life and work and having a partner who lives across the ocean from me with a 6-hour time difference. But I was wrong. Some blood tests that I took in May, as soon as I finished the last Chase Ryder book, revealed that I have been sick with an additional two problems since last year! Oh Boy. Happily, once the Doc knew what was up with me, I only had to take two months of meds to get me back to my normal self for one of those issues. The other, will need more testing before we really know what's going on. Still, I felt better, and thought that I can finally start back up with my books again. But no, I've had an onslaught of household issues. From boilers breaking leaving me without hot water for weeks, to beds and sofas breaking, a mold-covered wall (which is no picnic at the best of times for anyone, but worse for an MCS sufferer). Then we discovered a moth infestation and had to throw out half of my clothes while trying to eliminate the moths without using any chemicals or solutions that contained a fragrance... The list was endless. My poor fella who got here mid-June spent the entire two months of his visit just helping me to sort out the house. We did finally get to go on a rare trip out of my house to the seaside one Saturday though. It was only the second time in his life that he had seen the ocean (he's from landlocked Iowa):

Barring one or two final house fixes, and the other, continuing health issue I have, I should be able to start back on the books soon though I am something like 9 months behind schedule now. Such is life. So if you were wondering where the next Twisted books are, now you know. Finishing the series is very much a priority of mine. Having been a dream of mine to see Marley, Cassie, Eve and Tyler's story come to life for some ten years now, I am determined to see it through - it might just take me a little longer than I had first planned to get to the end. So, I'm sorry for the wait, but I'm hoping that I will be able to start back properly on them soon. Send good wishes and healthy vibes my way! Jo

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