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FREEBIE ALERT! Win the first few chapters of my debut novel, Young Adult thriller, WANTED!

Hello there, blogverse! It's been a whole big while since I've last blogged, and for that, I'm truly sorry. Let's just say, life got in the way. Things that've changed since I've last blogged: I'm older. Bah. The waistline increased, then decreased some (goddamn thyroid issues). I'm hoping it'll carry on shrinking. I now have two movies in development, a supernatural thriller, and a comedy drama, and should hear about the third one, a big budget, live action, family fantasy movie, any day now. I've mastered a crab and zucchini pasta recipe that is not just super delicious, but low fat and gluten free people! And lastly, but most importantly, I met the most wonderful guy in the world, in o

My updated blog has a new home and you're all invited to the housewarming party!

Dear People of the virtual world! Yes, while I have committed the cardinal sin of not updating my blog for a while, I have now moved it onto my (new) website, so that all things digital remain under the one roof. Please do subscribe as I'll be blogging all sorts of goodies: from tidbits from my film and television work, to my latest incarnation as a self-published YA author. It'll also be on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook Author page where I'll be announcing book giveaways so if you fancy reading my latest thrilling work (and who wouldn't?), sign up, sign up! Website: Blog: Facebook Author