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Script reports & Consultations

Outside of my own projects, I have worked with many other writers helping them to hone their own stories whether it's with structure, story, character or dialogue, or stepping in as a ghostwriter to edit and/or polish their scripts and screenplays.


I provide honest and constructive feedback in the form of detailed script notes.


The following are my rates but these can fluctuate depending on how fast the turnaround needs to be:


£650 for feature scripts (up to 120 pages) -- 3 to 4-page report

£480 for 1 hour TV scripts (up to 70 pages) -- 3 to 4-page report

£280 for half-hour scripts (up to 35 pages) -- 1 to 2-page report

£120 for 1st ten pages of your script -- 1 page report

A thorough analysis of what works, what doesn’t, and why, and how to make it really stand out.


£2,500 for an in-depth feature script consultation 

This is the same service as above however, it is much more in-depth.  I will provide a report of 10+ pages, going into a lot more detail about what needs to be done to really make the script shine, and how. You will also have two hours to discuss with me via Zoom or Google Meet any points you'd like to raise or clarify. These hours can be one session or two one-hour sessions. 


£6,500 for an annotated screenplay. 

With this service, you will get the 10+ page report as above and two hours of meeting time, but I will also make changes within your feature script (using Fade In or Final Draft).  I will essentially edit your script and offer suggestions for what could be written instead.  

Note: I will not rewrite your script, but I will make changes to it.  

If your script isn't formatted properly, I will do that here too so that you will end up with a professionally formatted screenplay.


My notes can usually be ready within a four-week turnaround upon receipt of payment.  Other packages on request (rewrites, formatting, script editing, script consulting from concept stage through to delivery, treatments, television bibles, short films etc).

I take full payment upfront.  

Please email me to book, or to find out more.



As a consultant: I've worked for Universal Studios, John Calley Productions (Da Divinici Code), in addition to independent producers providing script reports and development notes.  I've worked as story consultant for BBC Worldwide, and taught workshops for the BBC Writersroom and I've also served as a judge for the BBC Writersroom competition, BBC Bites.  In addition, I have been a guest panelist on many leading industry events including at The London Screenwriters Festival and at BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts). I am also one of the BFI's (British Film Institute) recommended script consultants.



As a writer: I'm a multi award-winning screenwriter, and creator of the ground-breaking, critically acclaimed BBC action series "Spirit Warriors" (nominated Best Children's Program, 2011 Broadcast Awards) starring Jessica Henwick (STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, GAME OF THRONES, and upcoming Marvel TV show IRON FIST) in her breakout role, and BENEDICT WONG (upcoming Marvel movie DOCTOR STRANGE, MARCO POLO).


I have over 15 years of experience writing screenplays and providing bespoke consultation services.  


Jobs have included: story consultant for the BBC, writer-for-hire on several US based movies including an actioner, teen supernatural romance, and a dark fairytale. I've worked with or am currently working with acclaimed producers including:


Morgan O'Sullivan (VIKINGS, THE TUDORS),




Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen (the Oscar-nominated, A ROYAL AFFAIR, THE WIFE).


Previously, I worked at top talent agency, ICM.


Reviews for Spirit Warriors:


"Mail on Sunday"

"This impressive new drama series, aimed at the entire family, brings a mixture of martial arts and CGI technology to the small screen as five ordinary British children find themselves in an extraordinary world of magic and myth."


“Daily Mail Weekend"

"This first episode sets the scene in spectacular fashion, and if its stunning effects are an indicator of things to come, then it should prove an unmissable children's adventure."



"... clever new fantasy drama for children which includes "Crouching Tiger"-style martial arts with CGI characters and live-action"


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