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You want free books? Well how's over 100 of them?! It's a sci-fi & fantasy book giveawa

People, I'm excited just to tell you this, but along with some 100 other authors, I've joined up to the awesome Patty Jansen's gigantic sci-fi and fantasy giveaway.

For two days, you can download any of the books listed in the promo including of course, my own debut YA sci-fi thriller, Wanted, FOR FREE.

Let me reiterate that. FOR FREE. As in zero. Ziltch. Nada.

Books are available in numerous ebook stores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. All you need to do is click on the picture below to be taken directly to the promo, select the ebook store you'd like then click on the individual book title to download straight to your reading device of choice.

We've sci-fi books! Dystopian books! Post-Apocalyptic books! Horror!

Fantasy! Sci-fi/fantasy Romance! And also special boxsets!


Patty is a prolific author herself, so you should check out her site and titles here. Let me just give her a shout-out right now and say thank you Patty for organizing this!

As with the other authors participating in this giveaway, this is what we do for a living so if you like and appreciate the freebies being offered, please do leave a review on the ebook store you downloaded the books from to help us indie authors out.

Join our mailing lists, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and help spread the word. Feel free to tweet/forward/pintrestagram the heck out of this. Christmas is coming and this could be the last time in 2016 that you get something this awesome for free.

Thanks everyone and happy reading!

- Jo

Debut YA Sci-Fi Thriller, WANTED, out now! US readers go here, for UK readers, it's here.

A runaway girl. A grieving vet. A super intelligent dog who has escaped from a sinister lab. Thrown together by a ​chance encounter, they find themselves running for their lives as a team of mercenary soldiers ​- ​contracted by a mysterious billionaire known only as The CEO - pursues them across the country​.​

Just some of the things people are saying:

"Amazing book... a fast paced, action-packed and emotional story... I would definitely recommend to teens and adults, especially those who are also fans of the Maximum Ride series. It isn’t kids who can fly but I believe it’s just as good."

​"This book is great. The author uses words in such a way as to skillfully paint a picture of the world and bring the characters to life, while at the same time remaining succinct and keeping up a brisk, exciting pace. Jo Ho’s screenwriting background is clearly evident in the pacing." "This actually reminds me of the game, The Last of Us... though that was set in a dystopian world and this isn't, both are about strangers in dire circumstances coming together. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend to anyone looking for an exciting and different read." "It grabbed me from the first page and kept me up late turning pages! Delightful characters and a wonderful understanding of animal nature. I highly recommend for any age!"

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