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Isolation 9

A short film written, produced, and directed by Jo Ho.
Dop: Chris Maris, Composer: Edwin Sykes.
Starring: Junior Laniyan, Jennifer Lim, Alice Healy.


An unlikely friendship develops between a sick girl stuck in an isolation ward and the janitor who has his cigarette break on the fire escape overlooking her room.

Monkey Nut Tales

A short film written and directed by Jo Ho
DoP: Chris Maris, Composer: Mat Davidson, CGI: Matt Pitt, Animation: Monica Gallab, Editor: Bert Hunger.
Starring: Charlotte Nguyen, Pik-Sen Lim and Claire Perkins

Live action mixed with hand drawn animation and cgi


A young girl's carefully crafted world shatters when her mother is hospitalized and her estranged grandma comes to stay. They only way grandma can communicate with her is via the fantastical stories she tells. As they battle each other over their new roles in the house, they come to terms with their grief.

Funded by Film London and UK Film Council as part of their digital PULSE 2007 scheme.

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