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I'm featured on The Bestseller Experiment Podcast this week!

Hi All,

So it's been a busy film week. I finished a draft of one movie, and started on my next one, a supernatural horror. I'm very, very excited to finally be writing it, we think it could be something pretty damn special. It does mean my book work has to take a backseat until I finish my contracted work first, but I'm sure I'll be back on Chase, Sully and Bandit's adventures soon!

In other news, I've been featured in the Bestseller Experiment's awesome podcast this week. I'm interviewed by Mark Stay, a fellow screenwriter like myself (he wrote the movie Robot Overlords) and it's a fun listen, particularly if you're interested in writing for film and television, or self-publishing, or even if you're curious to hear how I sound! The Bestseller Experiment is a fantastic site and podcast created by two Marks, who have challenged themselves to see if they can write, market and publish a bestseller in one year. They've interviewed some great authors including Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston! Click on the picture below to be taken to the podcast.

Have a listen and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me with them!

Jo :)

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