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I've published again! And some exciting news for WANTED fans.

Hi guys and girls, So here we come to another newsletter of which I bring the exciting news of which I promised you last week - I've published again!

I'm taking a big risk here with what I've done, as the only other screenwriter I can think of who has done this is another Jo, you might have heard of her, she normally goes by her full name: J. K. Rowling... What is this big thing I've done? Well, I've published one of my screenplays, SPORE!

As some of you already know, I'm a screenwriter. And you probably know the film and television industry is a tough industry for writers. We can develop movies and shows for YEARS and have it not make its way to a screen. Yes, some of these ideas just might not be good enough, but often times, there are so many variables, so many boxes you have to tick, that the odds are just stacked against you. Take one of my most beloved projects, a medieval action adventure for the YA market. I had two of the most internationally acclaimed television producers attached, and my story producer, Steve Matthews, is the best TV story consultant I've ever come across (HBO obviously recognized this about him as Steve now runs a department for them). We already had a big Irish studio attached, we had the crew (most of them were working on Game of Thrones), the locations, everything. The show was budgeted at an eye-watering $35 million, and we were in discussions with a BIG Hollywood studio. Well, just when it looked like the show was going ahead, a rival studio announced a TV series with a female protagonist the same age as mine, and their show was also set in medieval times. And that folks, was pretty much it for similarities, however after the other show was announced, interest for mine faded. To say I was gutted is an understatement. It wasn't all bad however, as the script and television bible I created for that show has opened up many doors for me as it is universally loved - you just won't be seeing it anytime soon. Coming back to my newest release, I want people to read and enjoy my creations, whether it is a book or a screenplay, so why not sell the screenplays online so you, dear readers can enjoy them? It'll also be nice to have some help with the bills finally. All those spec screenplays I've written don't earn me anything if they don't get made... who knows, maybe I'll start a new revolution for screenwriters, pave a way for us to earn some money while we wait for our projects to be picked up! Below you can find some information on SPORE. It's an adult sci-fi action movie, in the tone and style of the original INDEPENDENCE DAY (ie. pure, unabashedly fun). Please check it out and let me know what you think! And finally, some more exciting news... WANTED is going to be a trilogy! I'm currently brainstorming book 2 and book 3 of Wanted which I'm super pumped by. Many of you said you wanted more of Chase, Sully, and Bandit's adventures, so what can I do but oblige? It's a great excuse anyway, as having fallen in love with them myself, I wasn't quite ready to let them. I hope to get the next book out to you as soon as possible but I do have two movies I'm in the late stages of development, and as of today, it looks like I'll also have a new TV series to create so... send coffee and red bull! And before I forget, one last thing - a newsletter isn't complete without a great offer. Please check below for this week's! Thanks for continuing to spread the word on my work - you guys are awesome. Big hugs, Jo


And John McClane thought terrorists were tough. A fast-paced sci-fi action movie screenplay to thrill lovers of the original Independence Day, Armageddon and I Am Legend. Recently separated, New York cop, Murphy and her estranged husband must reconcile their differences and fight their way across town to save their young daughter - who has skipped out on her babysitter - when a fast moving parasite hits, threatening all life forever.

USA readers - BUY HERE

UK readers - BUY HERE


For all other territories, please check your Amazon store!


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WANTED - Book 1 Fourteen-year old Chase Ryder has been living rough on the streets of New York for months – a harrowing experience yet still better than what she endured at home. When she and recently widowed vet, Sully, rescue a super intelligent Collie, Chase finally finds herself part of the loving family unit she has always craved, but every display of Bandit’s special skills brings them one step closer to the mercenary billionaire who created him… and he wants his expensive experiment back. With the enemy's personal SWAT team out for blood, a devastating turn of events finds them running for their lives as they fight to save one of their own. Wanted is on sale in January for only 99c, so if you don't already have your copy, you can pick it up here.


For all other territories, please check your Amazon store!

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