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The Boy Next Door

A YA Mystery Thriller Novella



Kim isn't happy.  


Torn from her beloved boyfriend Chris and the picturesque coastal village she grew up in, her family have relocated to the tough, inner-city neighborhood of Austin, Illinois due to an unfortunate turn of events.


It's the summer break before Kim starts college, but instead of spending it with Chris and their large group of friends, she finds herself isolated from everyone she knows and loves.


The day she starts to notice the strange boy next door, however, her life begins to change as she starts to worry about someone other than herself.


Can she unravel the many mysteries surrounding her new home before something terrible happens?








"This will be my third (read) book written by Jo Ho, and I’m declaring right now that I am a lifer - aka pretty much anything she writes, I will be reading." - Angie, Quitterstrip Blog



"Incredible book. My first read from author Jo Ho and it will not be my last. A well-scripted story about resettling into a new town and the trials and tribulations people of all ages go through after change, and the ending... You need to buy and read the book then leave a review... an incredible author!" - Roger & Jean Fauble, Amazon reviewer



"Beautiful story, sad and uplifting. Well-written, compelling the reader to complete the story in one sitting.  I want to read more of her work." - Texas, Amazon reviewer



"I'm not the target audience as a man in his thirties but I do have a daughter and I found myself very affected by the story. I can imagine something like this happening to her and her being confused over what to do so I'm grateful to the author for writing something that inspires and helps young girls, especially ones who might feel alone or isolated.." - Jimmy, Amazon reviewer
























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