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A Sci-Fi Action Movie Screenplay (Rated R)

A fast-paced sci-fi action movie screenplay to thrill lovers of the original Independence Day, Armageddon and I Am Legend.


Murphy has recently separated from her husband, JT. A tough NY cop, Murphy is frustrated by her husband's

And John McClane thought terrorists were tough.
laid back attitude to life, especially as they have a depressed eleven year old daughter to contend with. 

As she starts working on a case involving the mysterious death of a young billionaire scientist -- who just happens to be the reason JT is fired from his job -- she learns that a new and devastating parasite has infected the population and is spreading rapidly... 

And her daughter Ronnie, having skipped out on the babysitter, is out there, trapped in a building with a stranger. Can Murphy get to her before it's too late?


A Fantastical Drama Screenplay

A deeply moving story of one young girl's fight to stay with her mother that will delight fans of A Monster Calls, Big Fish and Pan's Labyrinth.


A young girl's carefully crafted magical world shatters when her mother is hospitalized and her estranged grandmother from Hong Kong comes to stay. Mai has never met her grandma, or even spoken to her before. All she knows is that her mother fell sick, and Grandma never spoke to them again.


Now it's the summer break but tenacious Mai refuses to be stuck in the house with Grandma, finding increasingly elaborate ways to visit her mother in hospital. It never occurs to her to ask why Grandma doesn't visit her mother... it never occurs to Mai to speak to Grandma at all.


The only time they seem to communicate is when Grandma shells monkey nuts in the garden, while telling fantastical stories of her fabled life in China, tales that include outsmarting ghosts, and rescuing baby pandas. As they battle each other over their new roles in the house, can they come together before tragedy occurs?


A Sci-Fi Thriller Screenplay

A sci-fi thriller movie screenplay for lovers of Stephen King, James Patterson and Dean Koontz.


Maria is a social worker who spends her days saving vulnerable children, and her nights fighting the crushing loneliness that threatens to overcome her, ever since her husband left her for her sister. Now estranged from her family, Maria throws caution to the wind for a night of happiness with Lucas, a stranger she meets in a bar, only for him to disappear out of her life... just like everyone else. Soon after, she discovers - impossibly since a past infection has left her barren - that she is pregnant.


Before she can even begin to think about what she wants to do with the baby, Maria finds herself pursued by a sinister organization - and the only person willing to listen to her is the alcoholic psychic she has helped keep sober. With her mind and body unraveling, can Maria discover who Lucas was, and just what is happening to her, before she is captured?

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