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The following books are to purchase from Amazon.  They are also free to read via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.  




**If you do read via Kindle Unlimited, please make sure that you have PAGE FLIP mode disabled as if you use it, authors will not get paid for the books you read using it. 


Amazon hold us to very strict contracts and exclusivity, however, they still have not and apparently will not fix this page flip mode issue.  I don't want any readers who are on a limited income to not be able to read my books however, so please help us authors back by making sure that you are not reading via Page Flip mode. Kindles and Kindle Reader Apps come with Page Flip enabled.**

If you don't have a KINDLE UNLIMITED subscription and would like to try it for 30 days for free, click here:

And if you don't have a Kindle but want to read the ebook, you can download the Kindle Reading App for free here.  


It works with most smartphones, tablets and computers:  

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